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[UPDATE] New chapter "ChannelPedia"

In this update we've added a complete new chapter to the book. It's called "Canálogo", which means "ChannelPedia". We've selected the 50 most important channels these days for brands to communicate to and interact with the consumer. A short definition, the benefits and especially the possible connection of this channel with other channels shall help describe how everything is weaved together and that there's no absolut start or end for a campaign or message.

The book, but especially this chapter is part of the ongoing evolution of digital media so please let us know if you're missing a channel that should be included in the next update. Thank you!

Thanks to UM Spain - Curious minds for surprising results and ADN - Ayuda al desarrollo de negocio for their collaboration in creating this new chapter.

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The rebirth of the guide

We're really happy to announce that the guide is entering a new level. Finally it's available in the format it should've always been: Digital.
Unfortunately the guide is still ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPANISH but we're really happier about the fact that we can share it with more people of the Spanish speaking world now (especially focussing on Latin America), more users and people interested in learning every day something more and new about this fascinating, mind-blowing and always-changing world and market.

We hope that the guide will be useful for your work, your clients or to just satisfy your curiosity.

If you've got comments, questions or ideas... please let us know.

Legal Note

Martin Redigolo wrote the guide ON FOR OFFS as a training initiative tool at McCann Worldgroup Spain. You can download it on this site being published under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Spain.

What does that mean?
It means that we want you to download the guide, read it and share it with everybody but we don't want you to neither use it for commercial purposes nor may you alter, transform or build upon this work. It's a tool exclusively created for education. All materials published in the book can't be used for anything else that is not the one mentioned earlier.

McCann Worldgroup Spain runs this initative without any commercial purposes.